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A year ago last weekend myself and [ profile] rms finally bite the bullet and got cineworld unlimited cards which give you unlimited access to normal movies at any non London cineworld and very small premium to pay for 3D films

This has led to a great year of film viewing

Transformers ROTF 4 of 10
Year one 6 of 10
Public Enemies 6 of 10
Moon 10 of 10
Harry Potter 6 of 10
The Proposal 6 of 10
GI Joe 8 of 10
The Time Travellers Wife 6 of 10
Inglourious Basterds 8 of 10
Funny People 6 of 10
(500) Days of Summer 6 of 10
District 9 8 of 10
Julie and Julia 6 of 10
Surrogates 8 of 10
UP 8 of 10
The men who stare at goats 6 of 10
Me and Orson Welles 6 of 10
Sherlock Holmes 6 of 10
Avatar 1 of 10
Daybreakers 6 of 10
Up in the Air 6 of 10
The princess and the frog 6 of 10
A single man 6 of 10
Solomon Kane 7 of 10
Youth in Revolt 7 of 10
Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief 5 of 10
Alice in Wonderland 7 of 10
Green Zone 7 of 10
The girl with the dragon shaped tattoo 5 of 10
Shutter Island 6 of 10
How to train your dragon 6 of 10
Kick Ass 7 of 10
Whip It 6 of 10
Iron Man 2 7 of 10
The Losers 7 of 10
Prince of Persia 6 of 10
Robin Hood 5 of 10
4,3,2,1 7 of 10
Killers 5 of 10
Get him to the Greek 6 of 10

In doing so we average about £4.5 a cinema ticket which is considerably less than the standard price especially as it recently went up to £8 an adult ticket.

Its meant we have seen some great films which we probably wouldn't of seen otherwise probably the best film in that list is Moon which we had to see at the Picturehouse and pay full price for but as it was such a good film I don't regret it. The best film we saw at the discounted rate is probably UP which is such a gorgeous romantic story which made me sob buckets behind the 3d specs.

We also saw some films which were good but I probably wouldn't of seen if not for the pass like 500 Days of Summer or 4,3,2,1

I definitely recommend the pass for anyone who lives near a cineworld
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